is a Big-8 Usenet newsgroup for the discussion of artificial intelligence. The group has several specialized subgroups, including .alife, .fuzzy, .games, .genetic, .neural-nets, and .philosophy. Since 29 April 1999, the main group has been moderated.

Charter is a moderated forum for announcements, reports, enquiries and discussions about the theory, practice, history and state-of-the-art of artificial intelligence. Its scope is AI in general, but it is not intended to be a forum for postings concerning areas of AI for which specialized subgroups exist, unless they have a clear wider relevance. Announcements of conferences, books, other publications, researches, applications, educational programs, and other happenings are relevant, as are those of AI positions available and non-commercial AI software.

Moderation policies

Postings consistent with this charter are welcomed. Binary postings, personal attacks, vulgarity, and postings of a purely commercial nature will not be accepted, nor will those with an excessive ratio of quoted to new material or misleading headings. Posters of frequently asked questions may instead be directed to relevant resources.

The purpose of moderation is to improve the quality, relevance and readability of content, and the value of the group to its current and future readership. The moderators will work to achieve this purpose, and undertake to apply the moderation policies fairly and impartially.

How to post to

You should be able to submit articles to just as you do for any other newsgroups. If you find that your news provider has misconfigured the group as unmoderated, you can e-mail submissions to

Moderator info

To contact the moderator, e-mail

The current moderator is Tristan Miller.

From 24 April 1999 to 24 November 2020, the moderator was David Kinny.

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