dlg2html is a set of Bash shell scripts which help automate the conversion of DLG Pro message bases to HTML for archiving or mirroring on the Web. (DLG Pro is a bulletin board system, or BBS, for Amiga personal computers.) The HTML message files contain the appropriate links to the next and previous messages, as well as to any replies or referenced messages; a message index is also produced. dlg2html works with terminal dumps of DLG message boards, which means you do not need access to the actual BBS files to perform the conversion.

dlg2html is Free Software. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.


For an example of a DLG Pro message base which has been converted to HTML using dlg2html, please visit the Sage's Desk BBS AD&D Campaign.

Obtaining dlg2html

The latest version of dlg2html is 1.1, released on 2013-10-13. A list of changes from previous versions can be found in the change log.

The source code and openSUSE RPMs can be found at https://files.nothingisreal.com/software/dlg2html/. MD5/SHA1 hashes and PGP signatures are available there too. For the latter, you will need my OpenPGP signing key.

For convenience, dlg2html.tar.bz2 is always a link to the latest version.


dlg2html was conceived and written by Tristan Miller.