heria is a LaTeX class that facilitates the preparation of Research and Innovation Action (RIA) and Innovation Action (IA) funding proposals for the European Commission's Horizon Europe program. The class is a conversion of the official Part B template into LaTeX; it preserves the formatting and most of the instructions of the original version, and has the additional feature that tables (listing the participants, work packages, deliverables, etc.) are programmatically generated according to data supplied by the user.

Obtaining heria

Your TeX distribution (e.g., TeX Live) may already package heria. If not, you can download the latest version of the heria package from CTAN, the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network.


Documentation is included with the package and is also available on CTAN. The documentation includes the following:


You can visit the heria source code repository. Patches and pull requests are welcome.

To report bugs and feature requests, please use the heria issue tracker.


heria was conceived and written by Tristan Miller.