I am the author or a credited contributor to the following software packages. Most of the programs are Free Software.

Natural language processing

  • DKPro WSD, a UIMA framework for word sense disambiguation
  • DKPro Core, a collection of UIMA software components for natural language processing
  • UBY, a large-scale unified lexical-semantic resource for natural language processing based on LMF
  • TWSI Sense Substituter, a tool for producing lexical substitutions in English text
  • eoconv, a tool which converts text files to and from various Esperanto text encodings

Reasoning systems

  • DELORES, a forward-chaining reasoning engine for defeasible logic
  • WEBWEAVR-III, a Bayesian network research toolkit



I have written some documentation on getting GNU/Linux to work on various laptops.

And other miscellaneous documents:

  • FAQ, a list of questions I am frequently asking myself